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Build your teen’s confidence & independence.

There's no pressure to be a career expert anymore. Our engaging, video-guided tools teach your teen how to make smart decisions for themselves. We walk them step-by-step through self-exploration and career alignment so you can have more time to be a parent.

No time? No problem.

10 minutes a day is all your teen needs. They work independently, and you can view their progress online at any time, from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Whether it's on the way to school, or while waiting for your latte, enScholar fits anyone’s schedule.


Save money,
Save headaches.

Switching university majors can set you back thousands of dollars, and valuable years. Help your child get ahead by giving them the tools to make well-informed college and career decisions before they graduate.

Giovanni Valente

"Grades 10, 11, and 12 are crucial years, and planning for career and post-secondary education really starts now... enScholar brings this process to the forefront, so now you have students wanting to learn about themselves and career paths earlier."

- Giovanni Valente

Planning 10 Teacher, Coquitlam, BC


Get Them University-Ready.

Have confidence that your son or daughter is ready to embark on the right path for them - whether that’s college, trade-school, or straight into the workforce.

Stay Involved

Stay Involved on a Tight Schedule.

You're busy. We've simplified career 'must-knows' for parents into bite-sized pieces readable in under a minute. From how to spot your teen's strengths, to choosing the right post-secondary program, we answer the questions that matter.

Fresh Insights

Fresh Insights. Served To Go.

Get the 60-Second Insight in your inbox daily, weekly, or on our website whenever you want it. Read it on your smartphone while waiting for your coffee, or during your commute.

Simplify the Process

Simplify The Process.

Avoid getting stressed out from information overload. Learn exactly what you need to know about finding the right career through our video-guided, step-by-step system.

Find Happiness

Help Them Find Happiness.

Feel the relief of knowing that your teen is able to make smart decisions for themselves and is heading towards a fulfilling, successful career.

The Importance of Parent Involvement

How It Works

Discover Yourself

Teens define their unique interests, strengths, and values, so they can choose the education and career path that's right for them.

Interests Explorer

Explore Careers

They’ll learn the fun way by watching videos, and find key information on job stability, industry growth, required skills, and education.

Explore Careers

Find Your Match

Our Alignment Tool will help your teen connect their self-knowledge with careers they’ve explored. They’ll learn to make informed decisions for themselves, just like in real life.

Alignment Summary

Give Your Teen a Head-Start

We’re 100% Non-Profit. Every dollar we generate goes towards making enScholar better for you and your teen. That’s why we’re run by volunteers who are passionate about student success.

Buy One, Give One

For every enScholar purchase, we'll provide one low-income family with access to our tools!