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Problem: Finding your path isn't always easy.
Traditional career search methods aren't much help.



of students entering college or university don't know what they want to major in.



of employees are not engaged in their work.

enScholar is a modern, interactive system that puts the focus on you, first. It walks you and your child, step-by-step, through defining and understanding their core values, passionate interests, and natural strengths.

Interests Explorer

Step 1: Interests Explorer

Define what excites you, and learn which interests may be career material.

  • Map out top interests to search for underlying themes and patterns.
  • Gain valuable insight through our time tracking feature.
  • Parents, learn how to discuss and assess your child´s current and potential interests.

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Interests Explorer

Strengths Pilot

Step 2: Strengths Pilot

Uncover what empowers you, and learn which talents to build on.

  • Assess your strengths in a visual environment.
  • Learn about your top strengths and how to build them up.
  • Parents, compare the strengths your child sees with the ones you see in them.

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Strengths Pilot

Values Compass

Step 3: Values Compass

Understand what drives you, and how to choose a career that matches.

  • Explore our list of 33 action-oriented values — the ones that matter most when choosing a career.
  • Learn what your top values say about your ideal career — and what to stay away from.
  • Parents, uncover what matters most to your child and why. Learn how to lead a discussion around values.

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Values Compass


Step 4: Career Alignment

Make the right career choices through alignment with your Values, Interests and Strengths (VIS)

  • Access information on hundreds of relevant careers.
  • Match each VIS with your chosen careers using our alignment tool.
  • Watch video workshops on how to implement your VIS data.
  • Learn how others have aligned their VIS with careers.

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Career Alignment